V.C.S. Slip Stop Spray

V.C.S. Slip-Stop Spray is a field applied, spray-on, clear textured coating, specifically for use on vinyl covered steps (V.C.S.) and benches in swimming pools.

Slip-Stop Spray can be used on new pool liner installation or existing pool liners.


Apply Slip-Stop Spray liberally to tread sections of steps and wait 1 hour and recoat.

Wait 24 hours before submerging treated areas

Do not mask off any sections of the pool liner.

Do not allow puddling or drips.

2 cans are required for a standard 8' vinyl step.

Surface Prep for Existing Liner

Drain water level just below the bottom tread to be treated. Clean liner thoroughly (rubbing alcohol is recommended) and allow to dry.

Pools should only be drained by professionals. There are inherent hazards involved in draining a pool including complete structural collapse of pool walls.

Life span

This product was just recently released to the market (Feb. '11). We currently have no case studies to accurately predict its longevity. Lab and internal testing has indicated it has the potential to last between 2 to 5 seasons before needing to be reapplied. The product does not delaminate, but instead, wears evenly in heavy traffic areas.

Some minor discoloration can occur with improperly balanced water chemistry.


Initially the texture is that of very coarse sandpaper. Quickly the top layer of grit gives way to a more bathing suit friendly finish. The finish is more aggressive than the standard textured liner material available for the industry, but is still comfortable to sit on.