The World's Greatest Pool Liners

Kayden Manufacturing, Inc. is a manufacturer of custom inground swimming pool liners. All liners are 28mil wall/20mil bottom. We also offer 28mil floor option on our six most popular patterns

In 2009, we introduced the ZipStep™—a revolutionary retrofit steel step/bench combo for vinyl liner pools.

For 2010 we came out with our Deco-Trim package. With 4 different color coordinating faceplate options, you can now say goodbye to those plain white fittings.

Pool BladderFor 2013: The revolutionary Pool Bladder to temporarily store water during a liner change or whenever you want to save your water. Ask your dealer about this great money-saving opportunity.

This site was designed to help you pick the perfect liner from the perfect dealer. Take a look around—hopefully you'll find everything you need. If we missed something, let us know!